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Band: Svengali
Album: Unscathed (EP)
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Country: UAE
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Label: Self-Released
Reviewer: Kareem C

Svengali are a new and interesting band from the Dubai scene that has garnered attention and support since releasing some of their demo tracks last fall. The band is comprised of three musicians with diverse musical backgrounds: Adnan Mryhij (vocals), Fadi Al Shami (guitar, clean vocals), and JM Elias (guitar). The 6 tracks on the band's EP, Unscathed, clearly show the different influences, combining hardcore music with more melodic elements, making it a very impressive debut release. 

One of the strongest points of the album is the catchy choruses that easily keep the listeners hooked, usually sung by Al Shami, which is quite evident in Embrace. That said, the chorus that really did it for me was on The End, featuring Ishtar. She and Al Shami did a really great job singing together. The additional melodic elements in that song made it sound massive.

But don't get me wrong, this album is heavy, and I do mean HEAVY. The incredibly tight sounding breakdowns and guitar riffs paired with Mryhij's vocals will easily open up pits at any venue. One track that demonstrates this and that has become my favorite is Freefall. I think "orthodox" hardcore fans will dig tracks like Ophidia a bit more though.

I'm really impressed with how Svengali came out with such a solid sounding release in such a short period of time. While the tracks all share some unique elements, they all have their own twists to them, making the band anything but a one-trick pony. 

The EP is available on multiple platforms, including Svengali's Bandcamp page. I highly recommend all metal listeners to give this album a go. 

I give Unscathed a 7.5/10.

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Photography by Adnan Mryhij
Logo by Edi Udo

UAE-based metal band Voice of the Soul will start recording their debut full-length album in April at Haven Studio in Dubai, almost 3 years after their 2011 EP release, Into Oblivion. The album will be produced by musician/producer Hadi Sarieddine.

Guitarist and long-time member Monish Shringi comments, “This album will explore new influences compared to past releases. It’s fast, destructive, and reaches newer milestones. Definitely our most diverse and enduring effort.”

The album will also be drummer Khalid Temimi’s first release with Voice of the Soul since joining in January 2012. “It’s new, and it sounds fresh,” says Khalid, “We’ve reached another pinnacle, not only as a band, but as individual musicians. This album will open up one hell of a new chapter for Voice of the Soul!”

Egan O'Rourke (Daylight Dies)
Voice of the Soul are also excited to have Daylight Dies’ bassist and singer, Egan O’Rourke, feature on the album. Guitarist and frontman Kareem Chehayeb commented, “Having Egan involved with us is something I’m really excited about. I’m already ecstatic about recording the new material with Hadi, a good friend of mine, so having one of my favorite singers from one of my favorite bands just takes my excitement to a whole new level.”

Haven Studio’s Hadi Sarieddine is looking forward to producing Voice of the Soul’s debut full-length. Hadi commented, “I’m really stoked about working with Voice of the Soul; besides the fact the guys are my good friends and I’ve known them for a while I really enjoy the band’s material. We’ve been working hard at pre-production and there’s a cool blend of really dark and very melodic moments on the new album, a little bit for fans of different genres of metal. I look forward to producing and engineering it.”

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Band: Benevolent
Album: The Covenant
Genre: Extreme Experimental Metal
Release Date: March 18, 2014
Label: Self-Released
Reviewer: Kareem C

Artwork by Edi Udo

Benevolent announced that they were working on their debut full-length in 2011, after releasing their debut EP, Divided, a year earlier. The past three years really felt like an eternity, but the wait is finally over. Since starting in Kuwait, the band recently relocated to Dubai, and has made their presence known there ever since. On March 18, after releasing two tracks available for streaming, Benevolent have finally released The Covenant, and what an album it is. It was definitely worth the wait. With the band’s foundation not changing, with Hadi Sarieddine on guitar and clean vocals, Fadi Sarieddine on vocals, and Mohammad Gad on rhythm guitar, ex-Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick recorded drums for the album.

The Covenant was recorded and mixed at Haven Studio in Dubai, run by Hadi Sarieddine, and was mastered at 4D Sounds by Tesseract’s Acle Kahney.

The Covenant is very different than Divided, but does hold on to its strengths. In songs like The Seeker and The Collector, one might notice that…but that’s really as far as it goes. The Covenant has much more atmosphere in their music, and it’s probably most noticeable in instrumental tracks, Radiate and Dissipate, as well as intro track Void which exclusively features Hadi’s clean vocals.

Hadi’s clean vocals are definitely more prominent on The Covenant than in Divided, and are harmonized much more uniquely. I think we’ll be seeing them more in future Benevolent material. That said, Fadi’s harsh vocals sound better than ever (editor’s note: Listen to the pre-chorus on The Seeker).

Another thing I noticed was Mohammad Gad taking over on guitar, and actually throwing in a few solos himself. Those can be found on The Collector and Heathen, the latter being one of my favorite tracks on the album. They’re very well done. He can shred. While both Hadi and Mohammad’s solos have some serious chops, they’re well-phrased and have lots of soulful moments. Good stuff.

I don’t need to say much about Andols Herrick’s drumming, do I?

The Covenant is a sick, sick, sick (see what I did there?) album. Some of the tracks exceed 8 and even 9 minutes. Benevolent basically took their heavy, evil sounding Meshuggah-like riffs, and combined them with beautiful atmospheric elements that you might notice in Tesseract. There are more bands in the Middle East that are (thankfully) raising the bar a little higher with each release, and Benevolant are one of them.

I give The Covenant an 8.5/10.

Favorite tracks: Heathen, Asphyxia, Dissipate

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Why We Shouldn't Freak Out About Angela Leaving Arch Enemy

For those living under a rock, Swedish melodic death metal legends Arch Enemy have unveiled their new video featuring new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz (ex-The Agonist). We brought in guest writer, Sary Bibi, to give us his two cents on Arch Enemy's lineup change. Sary's commentary begins after the video.

If you missed the news, Arch Enemy have recruited Alissa White-Gluz, formerly of Canadian metal band The Agonist, to be the new frontwoman for Arch Enemy. Angela Gossow has stepped down to focus on her family and pursue other interests, though she did state she would remain the business manager for Arch Enemy.

This announcement took a lot of people by surprise, and a lot of fans have been quick to shoot down Alissa’s opportunity and talent based on some of her work with The Agonist. Particularly, people are worried that Alissa will be bringing clean vocals into a band like Arch Enemy which has never utilized them before. Based on their new song/video for “Eternal War”, these assumptions can be safely put to rest (for now). And to those still skeptical, I need to point out a few things.

Firstly, Angela Gossow is still the manager of the band and in that sense, she probably had a big role in selecting her replacement. She knows more than any other person what kind of person and vocal skills are needed for Arch Enemy. Based on the press release, it can also be inferred that Angela has tutored or even given vocal tips for Alissa throughout the years. So by picking Alissa as the replacement, Angela has given her own “blessing” and seal of approval that Alissa is worthy of the role of being the vocalist of Arch Enemy.

Secondly, while people only look at some songs of The Agonist and jumps to conclusions that she isn’t the right fit, people aren’t familiar enough with the band to recognize the immense talent Alissa has. Her vocal range is pretty impressive:

Alissa is very versatile vocally and cannot only do the type of vocals (high screams, low growls, etc) needed for Arch Enemy, but also a very talented range of clean vocals. As someone who has also seen The Agonist and Alissa live, she can definitely deliver a commanding and strong stage presence while flawlessly delivering the same type of vocals heard on their studio recordings.

Lastly, at the end of the day, she is the new vocalist for Arch Enemy and will be on the new album Eternal War. People will have to accept the change and give her a chance with an open mind. Is she Angela Gossow? Obviously not, but she’s definitely a good person to take the band forward and continue the strong musical legacy of Arch Enemy.

On the flipside, The Agonist have moved on and recruited Vicky Psarkis to replace Alissa. Not much is known about Vicky but vocal covers of The Agonist shows she has a lot of potential for the band.. Hopefully she’ll be able to move the band forward. (editors note: I wonder how Psarkis would sound with Arch Enemy...)


Alissa White-Gluz (ex-The Agonist) has replaced Angela Gossow, not long after Nick Cordle (ex-Arsis) replaced Chris Amott 
Holy fucking shit, I didn't see that one coming. Angela Gossow has indeed left Arch Enemy, since joining the Swedish melodic death metal band back in 2000. After recording five albums with the band, she realized it was time to go, mostly to continue and focus on her band management. According to an official statement by Arch Enemy, she is still the band's "business manager". Read Gossow's full statement here.

They've already found a replacement: Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist. Just like Nick Cordle left Arsis after joining Arch Enemy to replace Chris Amott, she left The Agonist as well.

To be honest, I don't really get the whole "No Angela, no Arch Enemy" stuff some of the fans have been talking about. Arch Enemy to me was always about Michael Amott, who is the primary song-writer for the band. I found Angela's vocals as of late to be losing its edge, and you can probably notice it in the way they've been produced in their latter material, especially Khaos Legions. That said, Gossow's impact on the metal scene is massive, and even though we all hate to see her go, she's left a great legacy.

Angela Gossow will be focusing on band management.

While The Agonist aren't exactly like Arch Enemy, I couldn't imagine a better replacement...though it would be weird to hear Arch Enemy with clean vocals which White-Fluz resorts to sometimes.

The Agonist have already replaced White-Gluz with Greek vocalist Vicky Psarkis. Who? I have no idea, but I'm definitely looking forward to checking her out with The Agonist. I always found them to be an interesting band anyway.

Arch Enemy are set to release their upcoming album War Eternal this upcoming June.

There you have it, folks! Angela Gossow was one of the first few people we've interviewed on Metality, and we've recently interviewed Chris Amott. Guess we gotta hit Alissa up sometime soon! For now, here's a couple of videos that summarizes the best of Angela Gossow at Arch Enemy. 


Dubai's Svengali have officially released their video for Conquer off their upcoming debut EP, Unscathed. We're super stoked to have it launched first here on Metality. We had a chat with the guys, who talked about Unscathed and the inspiration behind the song and video. 

Hey guys, how’s preparing everything for the launch of Svengali’s upcoming EP, “Unscathed”?

Hello! Everything’s going great so far, we set the release for April 15th and are trying to spread the word. The EP will be up on our Bandcamp page for free digital download right away!

Adnan, compared to Who Will Guard the Guardians and your other band experience, what’s the writing and recording process been like for Svengali? 

Svengali was a totally different experience all together. The writing process was very smooth and the songs took shape fairly quickly, we recorded demos as we went along. The recording process was my absolute favourite out of all the times I’ve been in a studio. We set up camp at Haven Studio with Hadi Sarieddine (Benevolent) and everything clicked. 

We’re stoked to debut Svengali’s anticipated video. Tell us more about “Conquer”! 

We’re very excited to have it debut with, you guys have been huge supporters in the scene and it means a lot to us! 
Conquer is a song about the people around you that pull you up when you’re down and what you can accomplish with those people when you stand united. It’s a very positive vibe and for the video we wanted nothing more than to capture that spirit. It’s was shot while we were recording and is basically us at Haven Studio and out with our friends. 

Unscathed will be released on April 15th. Describe the EP in 6 words. 

Positive, angry, and at times, catchy. 


So there you have it! Watch Svengali's debut video, and let us know what you think! 

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Qatari hard rock artist, Naser Mestarihihas released his debut full length LP “1987” at Virgin Megastore outlets in the UAE & Bahrain. The sophomore solo effort hit the shelves last weekend, following its release in his native Qatar last year. It is the follow album up to his eponymous EP released in 2010 which was the first official rock release out of Qatar.
Its first single "Exodus Highway" have both received positive reviews from Rolling Stone Magazine, both garnering a 3/5 stars review score. The record was launched in Dubai at the The Music Room with the support of Dubai acts, Nikotin & Kicksound.

We've been keeping up with Mestarihi's work, and this is something 80s metal fans would dig. Get a taste of his album with "1987"s teaser video. 

Keep up with Naser Mestarihi: 


From left to right: Brett Caldas-Lima, Jens Bogren, Jassem

Kuwait's melodic death-metallers, Divine Disorder have been working hard on completing their debut full-length. Bassist and founding member, Jassem, recently returned from Sweden, where he met with the legendary Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios. "

"Taking the album to Fascination Street Studios was by far an unforgettable experience. Being in a top-notch studio gives you the comfort of knowing that your album, your baby, will be handled in the best way possible. Jens Bogren did his magic, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the end result," said Jassem. 

Bogren commented on his experience with Divine Disorder, saying "Working with Divine Disorder was a very cool experience for me, and I was impressed by the complexity and quality of the material for a yet unknown band. I believe people are gonna be blown away by this stuff. And I hope to hear more great bands from the Middle East in the future!"

Brett Caldas-Lima from Tower Studio in France will be mastering the album, and is excited to share the final product with their listeners, "I have been a privileged witness and actor of the finalisation of Divine Disorder's dubet (inside joke) album, and it's easy for me to say that not only is this album one of the very best I've worked on, but it's also probably one made by the most dedicated people on the metal scene. Very few other people would have come to such length to create this music in this area of the world and the environment they live in. Even less people would have been able to find the strength to fight and continue the journey if they had to face only half the problems and dramas this band had in the realisation of this album. And all of this not to become rich or famous, but just to be proud and artistically achieved. It's been a real honour."

We at Metality are looking forward to see how the album sounds. For now, check out their two previously released singles, including Children of Menace featuring a guest guitar solo by Nile's Karl Sanders.

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Pre-orders for Brood of Hatred's new album start today!

One of the region's most promising Death Metal acts, Tunisia's Brood of Hatred are about to release their debut full-length album next month, specifically on the 10th via Crime Records.

The highly anticipated album will eventually come out after four years of their formation, one single, and one EP. It is expected to give the Middle Eastern Metal scene a surge of refreshment. 

Entitled "Skinless Agony" the album comprises 9 tracks that go as follows:

1. "Deconstruction"
2. "The mind that Emerged"
3. "Technological Genocide"
4. "Cacophony In The Creation"
5. "The singularity is near"
6. "Skinless Agony"
7. "Predestined Suicide"
8. "Obsession"
9. "Disbelief Grows"

As promised by Crime Records, pre-orders for "Skinless Agony" start today!

So if you're in for some violent Death Metal treat coming straight from the Middle East, hurry up and grab your copy from Crime Records official website. 

Meanwhile, enjoy watching the official music video for the album's title track:

Follow Brood of Hatred on: Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube
Follow Crime Records on: Facebook, Official website